Welcome to Empty Screens – a blog designed to bring you concise and distinct film and TV reviews.

My name is Jamie Neish, and I’m the 34-year-old freelance writer behind Empty Screens. I established the website in 2010 as a way of expressing my lifelong interest in film through the art of film reviews and other film-related posts, and it’s developed exponentially since then.

Not only does the website attract a decent-sized daily readership, but it’s also received some amazing accolades over the past four years, such as being “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress and achieving a high ranking on Cision’s UK Top Ten Film Blog’s list.

It’s been a real thrill to see something created off my own back, and filled with all my own work be embraced so warmly – and to keep reaching new heights on a day-to-day basis. It takes a lot of hard work to keep the website so fresh with content, but it’s a constantly rewarding experience.

The experience has not only allowed me to hone my craft here, but also expand into contributing to other websites, such as HeyUGuys.co.uk and Cine-Vue.com, and have work featured on the Guardian’s website and in my local independent cinemas monthly cinema brochure.

It would be amazing not only to see Empty Screens continue to expand at a steady pace, all the while maintaining the personal approach that I feel makes it so unique, but to be able to continue in my efforts to forge a sustainable writing career out of my passion for film.

Thank you to everyone who has supported myself and Empty Screens over the past few years. I look forward to another successful four years. And please, if you would like to talk to me about other writing opportunities, please drop me a message here.


Jamie, writer and editor of Empty Screens.

23 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well done on your achievements. I appreciate your ability to write concise reviews that paint a vivid picture for us. Anyway, look forward to receiving more in my inbox!


  2. It is rare to come across a blog that I like instantly. Where films are concerned, I find that it is such a subjective matter, so to read articles that speak to me, even if I have a different view, is truly special. It is a testament to you as a writer that you can come down on one side of the fence or the other and still breed such enjoyment for your readers. Keep it up.


  3. I’m really enjoying your site so far! You have excellent content. I’m just starting out with my blog and your clear and concise focus on discussing film is something I’m trying to model after. I’m glad you’ve found your voice with this topic. Keep up the great work!


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