Trailer: Albatross (2010)

Albatross first turned up on my radar when I heard the shamefully underrated and always transcendent Felicity Jones had signed up to star in a major role. A few months went by without any further news – most likely because the film was deep in production – until it was announced that it would receive its worldwide premiere at the 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival in June of this year.

June came and, press pass in hand, I nonchalantly wandered into the Albatross press screening at the Festival; cautiously optimistic that I was about to see something very special. Two hours later, after having been dazzled by the films infectious wit, depth of heart and stunning cinematography, I left the screening smiling from cheek to cheek, in awe and thirsty to declare my adoration to every living being willing to listen to my utterances.

This afternoon, after nearly two months spent harassing production companies and cinema programmers for news on a release date, CinemaNX – the films distribution company – finally released the very first trailer on The Guardian’s website. Astonishingly, the trailer presents the film in a light I’d only dreamt of – one that perfectly captures its heart and soul, wonderfully condensing it into a two minute showreel that’s ensconced in an air of pure and utter joy, enhanced by a beautiful lyric-less version of The Courteeners’ Take Over the World.

By watching the trailer, I was reminded of the film’s abundant charm and the fact I simply can’t wait to see this for a second time in a packed cinema screen surrounded by other cinephiles.

Directed by newcomer Niall MacCormick, working from an inspired and beautifully paced script by Tamzin Rafn, Albatross centers on a family whose world is turned upside down when the beautiful and rebellious Emelia (Brown-Findlay) explodes into their lives. Starring alongside Jones and Brown-Findlay are Sebastian Koch, Julia Ormond and Peter Vaughan.

To read my full review of Albatross, click here.

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