U.K. Trailer For Cosmopolis

A Dangerous Method, despite its solid cast – Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen – and controversial subject material, failed to entice audiences in the way most David Cronenberg films usually do.

It’s a relief, then, that his latest film, the mysteriously titled Cosmopolis, seems to pack everything in – from extreme violence to obscure surrealism – that one would expect from such a visionary and excessive filmmaker, as the new U.K. trailer so rightly emphasises.

Featuring a cast – toplined by Robert Pattinson – that look uneasily at home with the material, Cosmopolis centers on 28-year-old billionaire asset manager Eric Packer and his hell-raising 24 hour limo trek across the troublesome Manhattan district of New York City.

Entertainment One have quite rightly set a U.K. release date for June 15, a mere two weeks after it premieres in-competition at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, which means we’ll be returning to Cronenberg’s weird and wonderful imagination in no time.

Watch the new U.K. trailer below, courtesy of Who’s Jack:

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