A Film Blogger And His Hopes For London


In ten days time I’ll be venturing down to London for the UK Media Showcase. As a film blogger living in a quiet area of Scotland, this is a terribly exciting prospect for me. Not only does it present with me with an opportunity to watch some of the most anticipated films of the coming year a few weeks before their official releases, but it also enables me to break out of my skin a little and socialise with those I’ve spoken to on social media websites but never actually met in the flesh.

It’s an experience that, I’m hoping, will enable me to build on some of the friendships and working relationships I’ve established with those I work alongside and those I hope to work with one day. I understand my life isn’t likely to alter dramatically after a couple of days in London, but it’s nice to feel I have a couple of days where I can show people who I am, what I’m capable of and hopefully make a noteworthy impression that will benefit me when my trip comes to an end.

Last year was a brilliant year, and I achieved a lot more than I ever thought I would – from poster quotes to premiere invites, film festival accreditation to a solid supporting network of fellow Scottish film bloggers who live around and about. But it’s all about looking to the future, and I’ve hit a point in my life where I need to adapt and retune myself to build on my achievements and make sure this year is every bit as successful and fruitful as this year was.

London, I think, is the platform I need and have been craving for some time. It’s a world away from my own, yet it feels like somewhere I’m weirdly destined to be living and working in. These opportunities don’t come along very often, so I feel I should grab it by the horns and make the best impression possible. It’ll be a challenge no doubt, especially considering I’m usually quite a reserved and insular person, but if I don’t push myself two weeks after the start of the new year, then it doesn’t bode well for the eleven months to come.

I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, both for my own website and the other film websites I write for, but my inspiration has sort of dried up as of late, with my reviews becoming either repetitive or unimaginative. However, with a little socialising, a few decent films and some time in a busy, exciting and bustling city, it’s sure to give me the kick I need to push myself harder than ever before. London and easyHotel, here I come.

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