Review: Lucy (2014)


The best film Luc Besson has delivered in years, Lucy is a full-throttle action-thriller that’s every bit as bonkers as it is furiously entertaining. Accidentally embroiled in the deadly underworld of Taiwan, an American student (Johansson) turns the tables on her captures when the drug she’s transporting leaks, infusing her brain with a serum that enables her to unlock its full potential. As insane as it sounds on paper, Lucy is a fast-paced, fun romp that’s always imaginative and never dull. No matter how baseless the central concept is, there’s ecstasy around every corner. The action sequences are expertly directed by Besson, and the visuals are electrifying, no less so than in the mind-bending third act. Johansson, on the back of an already stellar year, is superb as the titular everywoman-turned-heroine, while Morgan Freeman makes even the most erroneous of scientific theories appear legitimate. The true skill of Lucy, however, is that it has the balls to shape its own unconventional path and follow-it through unreservedly – and that it does tremendously.

5 thoughts on “Review: Lucy (2014)”

      1. It tried to be hyper-intelligent and got bogged down along the way, while Lucy reveled in its own silliness and was always one step ahead of its own self, ensuring it didn’t suffer the same issue.


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