Review: Say When (2014)

Say WhenSay When (titled Laggies in America) is perhaps Lynn Shelton’s most commercial film to date – a quarter life crisis comedy that’s charming, even in spite of its prosaic script. Keira Knightley stars as Megan, an undirected 20-something who balks at her long-term boyfriend’s marriage proposal. In need of a temporary respite, she takes Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) – a 16-year-old whom she bonds with – up on her offer of shelter.Shelton has always had a way with actors, and it’s no different here. Knightley is as winning as she’s ever been, rising above Megan’s faults to deliver a believable nonconformist whose scared of settling down. Moretz, too, is splendid, and there’s strong support from Sam Rockwell Kaitlyn Dever as Annika’s father and friend, respectively. The script, written by Andrea Seigel, isn’t quite as successful, however, falling foul to typical clichés and never quite nailing the more dramatic moments. But, that said, there’s plenty of comedy to be had (Rockwell and Knightley share some great scenes together), and it’s refreshing to see Say When tackle the fears and anxieties women in their late twenties and under have so naturally.

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