Review: Love Is Strange (2014)



John Lithgow and Alfred Molina deliver a pair of delicate, deep rooted performances in Ira Sachs’ equally beautiful Love Is Strange. After decades as a couple, newlyweds Ben (Lithgow) and George (Molina) are forced to live apart – a situation that not only tests their own relationship, but those of their friends and family. In his follow-up to Keep The Lights On, Sachs’ – who both co-writes and directs – has carved a tender, if small scale portrait of love through a mix of highs and lows. The narrative relies less on drama and more on intimacy and subtleties to strike a chord, which may prove troublesome for some viewers. But the performances (Marisa Tomei is also excellent as Ben’s niece, who craves piece and quiet) and abundance of heart contained within offsets its lulls. Married with sublime direction and a soft soundtrack, Love Is Strange charms with its humour, pathos and warmth.

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