Review: Absolutely Anything (2015)


Absolutely Anything, dreamt up by the team behind Monty Python, is yet another poor excuse for a British comedy, set to do absolutely nothing for Simon Pegg’s career. Randomly selected by an alien council for an experiment to secure Earth’s survival, Neil (Pegg) is bestowed unique powers – powers that he quickly abuses. It’s a premise not unlike Bruce Almighty. Yet, while that film was at least in part funny and inventive, Absolutely Anything is anything of the sort. It relies on cheap, slapstick methods to produce laughs, of which there are very few. The script is lazy, with the narrative more of less running on steam for the entire run time. Pegg, who has proven himself a comedic talent many times before, does his best with what he has to work with, which is more than can be said for the underserved and misused supporting cast. It adds up to a meaningless and cheerless tried and failed comedy.

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