Review: Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (2015)


Sundance breakout hit Me And Earl And The Dying Girl masquerades as a typically quirky teen drama, only to reveal itself as something far richer. Awkward teen Greg (Thomas Mann) floats on the outskirts of his high school’s social hierarchies, until fellow student Rachel (Olivia Cooke) is diagnosed with leukaemia. The unexpected friendship that blossoms between them alters his outlook. Funny, sharp and sincere in a way that’s unassuming rather than manipulative, there’s more to this adaptation than first meets the eye. It has a winning cast – RJ Cyler is quietly impressive as Greg’s co-worker Earl, who he makes inspired short films with – and clever script by Jesse Andrews, who adapted his own novel. The film takes an unexpected and smart turn halfway through that’s deftly handled and makes way for an ending that packs quite the punch and excuses a few missteps. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl may seem like a film you’ve seen before, but it’s plenty well defined to deserve merits of its own.

4 thoughts on “Review: Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (2015)”

  1. I understand why everyone gushes over this movie, but I did not find it genuine at all. I found it to be a victim of it’s own cleverness. What was the smart turn you were referring to?


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