Review: Capture The Flag (2015)

Capture The Flag

The space race becomes child’s play in uninspired Spanish-produced animated comedy Capture The Flag. Mike (Carme Calvell), the descendant of not one but two wannabe astronauts, takes matters into his own hands when NASA launches a space mission to stop an evil billionaire from mining the moon dry. It’s predictable from start to finish, with a particular focus on stale, yet universal themes such as the importance of family. The script attempts nothing new, reliant on childish humour and intermittently entertaining hijinks. Bright spots come in the form of above average animation, particularly in the expansive moon vistas and reproduction of stock footage from real life landings, and a finale that ramps up the speed and ditches some of the more irritating characters. The chaotic approach will likely entice kids more than adults, but there’s really nothing to Capture The Flag that hasn’t been done better elsewhere.

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