Review: Minuscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants


The leftovers of a picnicking couple spark war between two rival ant colonies in this wonderfully curious French adventure based on a successful TV series. A delectable hybrid of real landscapes and animated characters, simple pleasures abound as a ladybug is caught in the crossfire of a tiny, yet savage battle that takes place in an idyllic valley – all over a container of sugar cubes. The only sound is that of chirps, farts and squawks mixed with an expressive soundtrack that makes the narrative easy to follow. The animation of the insect critters is a characteristic cross between Disney and Tim Burton and the humour is family-friendly. It drifts along effortlessly, ensuring all – from kids to adults – are kept entertained through its inventive set pieces – the third act anthill assault is littered with visual treats – and charm offensive.

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