Review: Sing (2017)


This entertaining animated comedy from the studio behind mega hit franchise Despicable Me powers along on the back of its talented voice cast and recognisable pop tunes. Buster (Matthew McConaughey), a theatre-owning Koala, is on the cusp of losing his business, so he decides to stage a singing contest that attracts a menagerie of talented animals (an under-appreciated mother, a stage shy elephant), big and small. The plot isn’t at all original, yet the core message of following your dreams at the film’s heart rings true. It helps that director Garth Jennings adds a certain peppiness to proceedings that makes the whole thing undeniably infectious. Gags aimed towards hapless assistant Mrs Crawly (voiced by Jennings himself) are by far the funniest. The pop tunes, old and new, work their magic, while the cast – Reece Witherspoon, in particular – are on predictably top form, most of whom provide their own singing vocals.

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