Review: Personal Shopper (2017)


Kristen Stewart continues to distance herself from Twilight, reteaming with her Clouds Of Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas for this unusually fascinating drama. Her role here is similar to that film; she plays Maureen, a psychic-cum-celebrity’s assistant who’s haunted by the death of her twin brother, while running errands. It’s not an outright horror film, but it certainly dips its toe into the supernatural, particularly in the spooky exchanges Maureen shares with an anonymous texter, which adds a thriller vibe. The tone, in fact, shifts in all manner of directions, yet Assayas keeps a firm handle, ensuring is doesn’t drift too far into the absurd. Stewart has never been better – vulnerable, but also strong and driven in her beliefs. It’s become a real pleasure to see her flexing her acting muscles, and Assayas provides the requisite hearty material needed to leave the right impression.

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