Review: Power Rangers (2017)


This moderately successful reboot of the 90s TV show pulls the multi-coloured heroes into the 21st century, all shiny and expensive like. It’s in no way intricately plotted – five misfit teens become saviours of their quiet town when a villainous alien threatens destruction – and the melodramatic angst feels at odds with the tongue in cheek nature of the characters. But once John Gatins’ script loosens up around the halfway mark and embraces that sense of knowingness the film begins to take flight. It improves matters enormously that Elizabeth Banks vamps it up as Rita Repulsa, the nasty villain in question whose key to taking over the world may well lie in the local branch of Krispy Kreme. Even though it won’t be recognised awards-wise, it’s perhaps one of the performances of her career for the sheer brilliance of it. The teen stars – Dacre Montgomery and Naomi Scott, included – also deliver nice turns that transcend the awful dialogue they have to work with. It all comes to a head in a showstopping beat-em-up finale with some crafty special effects that sees the newfound Power Rangers discover the true meaning of friendship, with a little help from their respective dinobots.

1 thought on “Review: Power Rangers (2017)”

  1. I have such fond memories of the tv series from when I was a kid, I wanted to be a Power Ranger and went into the film excited in all honesty. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the little moments of throwback, I also thought it was a good origin story and sets it up nicely for the series. Yes it has problems but I still loved it.


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