Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


This third iteration of everyone’s favourite web-slinger Spider-Man, which sees Tom Holland back in the role after his brief but memorable stint in Captain America: Civil War, is an incredibly charming teen comedy, with some superhero heroics sprinkled into the mix. It’s stripped back, fresh and fun, with Peter Parker (Holland) back in high school, dealing with everyday dramas by day and crimefighting by night, hoping to prove himself as a fully-fledged member of the Avengers. The criminals are small-scale at first, petty thugs and crooks. But when a robbery, set up by arms dealer Vulture (Michael Keaton), Spider-Man takes matters into his own hands. Unlike previous Marvel instalments, Spider-Man: Homecoming’s threat remains local. There’s no end-of-the-world threat, certainly not one that seems to faze Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). The film is more about Parker learning when and where to utilise his powers as Spider-Man, and the many benefits that come with patience. Holland is superb in the lead role; charming and wisecracking. He’s a ball of fire – a typical teenager negotiating life’s highs and lows. The rest of the cast aid him well at every turn. There’s a sense of buoyancy that carries into the direction, which Jon Watts handles well, though he’s undoubtedly better at the character moments than the large-scale actions scenes, which are sufficient if unremarkable. That said, the pace remains breezy throughout. Spider-Man: Homecoming a deliriously playful comedy that refreshingly shakes the mould of the comic book blockbuster.

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