EIFF15 Review: 45 Years (2015)


A long-standing relationship is put under severe pressure by past revelations in 45 Years, writer-director Andrew Haigh’s tragic, yet masterful follow-up to the acclaimed Weekend. Days before their forty fifth wedding anniversary celebrations are due to take place, Geoff (Tom Courteney) receives an unexpected letter that drags up suppressed feelings, leaving Kate (Charlotte Rampling) out in the cold as feelings of envy and exile steadily consume her. Continue reading “EIFF15 Review: 45 Years (2015)”

Review: Weekend (2011)

Writer-director Andrew Haigh follows up his well-received directorial debut Greek Pete with poignant character-based drama Weekend.

Weekend tells the story of Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glenn (Chris New): two off-base gay guys who meet at a club. After a weekend of heavy drinking, drug-taking and sex, they begin to realise that they may be falling in love, despite their marked differences and opposing approaches to life.

While littered with potent questions about gay rights, politics and love, Haigh retains a light-hearted, discernible air about Weekend for its entirety, never Continue reading “Review: Weekend (2011)”