Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013)

Alpha Papa

Invented by Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci for the BBC Radio 4 programme On The Hour, fictional media whore Alan Partridge has since enjoyed cross-platform success as a radio and television presenter. Twenty two years later, and with new writers Neil Gibbons and Rob Gibbons joining forces with old hands Coogan and Iannucci, Alan migrates to the big screen with the funny and often surreal Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Continue reading “Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013)”

Review: Bel Ami (2012)

Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) is a peasant. Finding himself in Paris, he’s taken under the wing of old friend Charles Forestier (Philip Glenister), who lands him employment as a political writer and introduces him to three high society ladies: his wife Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman), Virginie Walters (Kristen Scott Thomas) and Clotilde De Marelle (Christina Ricci). Through means of seduction, betrayal and deception, Georges slowly rises from poverty to wealth, but it all comes at a price.

The concept of one man’s elevation to wealth and power through any means necessary is a fascinating one, and, perhaps with a screenwriter more attuned Continue reading “Review: Bel Ami (2012)”