London Day #6: Weariness, Glasgow Film Festival Launch And My Own Bed


The final day in London had arrived. I woke up at nine o’clock, packed and was all checked-out in no time. With my suitcase, laptop bag and satchel I took some last minute pictures of the area I’d spent the last few days calling my “home” (it was actually a lovely area, despite the fact an entire office block full of people had seen me naked and there was always a sense of dread coursing through my body as I walked to and from the tube station) and clambered down the escalators and onto the Northern Line.  Continue reading “London Day #6: Weariness, Glasgow Film Festival Launch And My Own Bed”

London Day #1 (2/2): easyHotel, Soho Delights And Amour

Curzon Soho

Upon arriving in London, I found myself in one of the busiest queues I have seen in some time waiting to pick up an Oyster card. Yes, you heard that right. Instead of diving into the nearest Starbucks I came across (and believe me, there were plenty), I decided to grab myself an Oyster card and head straight for my hotel to dump off my stuff and shower off the overlong train journey. (I honestly have no idea why I was so worried about using an Oyster card now. From the minute it Continue reading “London Day #1 (2/2): easyHotel, Soho Delights And Amour”