Review: Pride (2014)


A truly British film if there ever was one, Pride is a rousing and relevant crowd-pleaser that knows how to entertain its audience, even if it does skimp on the drama. In the summer of 1984, at the height of the miners strike, a determined group of gay activists decide to raise money for the families of those effected – a proposal that comes with its own set of challenging setbacks. Continue reading “Review: Pride (2014)”

Review: Sunshine On Leith (2013)

Sunshine On Leith

Inspired by the back-catalogue of Scottish band The Proclaimers, and based on Stephen Greenhorn’s successful stage hit, Dexter Fletcher’s Sunshine on Leith is a convivial and well shot musical that forms a narrative and articulates the variable emotions of its characters through upbeat, crowd-pleasing pop songs to varying degrees of success. Fresh from a tour in Afghanistan, Davy (George MacKay) and Ally (Kevin Guthrie) return home to Edinburgh. Continue reading “Review: Sunshine On Leith (2013)”

EIFF 2013 Review: For Those In Peril (2013)

For Those In Peril

The Edinburgh International Film Festival has forever prided itself as a festival of discovery, a platform for new filmmaking talent to present their works to audiences, critics and fellow filmmakers alike in the hope of receiving recognition. If there’s one person who deserves credit this year, then it’s Paul Wright, whose feature debut For Those In Peril is a bold and innovative poetic fable that, through a rich textual narrative, astounds in its emotional resonance. Continue reading “EIFF 2013 Review: For Those In Peril (2013)”