Review: In Fear (2013)

In Fear

The unassuming and labyrinth Irish countryside provides the setting for In Fear, a distressing micro-budget horror from first time writer and director Jeremy Lovering that’s sadly let down by an ending that works against what’s been built up over the course of the rest of the film. Unlike other films of its ilk, In Fear’s success boils down to its ability to instil genuine dread through its cramped and unfamiliar environment, rather than using quick, gimmicky shocks for effective, yet quick and hit-or-miss scares. Continue reading “Review: In Fear (2013)”

Review: Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

Not Another Happy Ending

John McKay’s Not Another Happy Ending is a breezy and harmless if ultimately forgettable romantic comedy set in and around the city of Glasgow. Jane (former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan), a struggling novelist, finds herself thrust into the limelight when her first novel, a memoir about the trails of her own family, becomes an overnight success. With her newfound status, her life sees improvement. Not only does she fall in love with screenwriter Willie (Henry Ian Cusick), but she also starts to reconnect with her estranged father. Continue reading “Review: Not Another Happy Ending (2013)”

Review: Shell (2013)


Adapted from his own six-year-old short film, writer and director Scott Graham’s directorial debut Shell is a quiet piece that pits its two main characters – father and daughter Pete (Joseph Mawle) and Shell (Chloe Pirrie) – against the beautiful, yet harsh and lonely backdrop of the Scottish Highlands and observes how they live, interact and survive the difficult environment that envelopes them. Continue reading “Review: Shell (2013)”