Review: Tom At The Farm (2013)

Tom At The Farm

Québécois wunderkind Xavier Dolan, who already has a creditable three features under his belt, returns with his fourth and most coherent effort yet, the dark and broody Tom At The Farm. At an unnamed farm for the funeral of his boyfriend Guillaume, Tom (Dolan) is soon made aware that Guillaume’s mother Agathe (Lise Roy) knows nothing of her son’s true sexuality, or his relationship with Tom – and Guillaume’s thuggish older brother Francis (Pierre Yves-Cardinal) intends to keep it that way, threatening Tom into an unsettling state of submission. Continue reading “Review: Tom At The Farm (2013)”

Xavier Dolan To Adapt Michel Marc Bouchard’s Tom À La Ferme

Xavier Dolan, the multi-faceted Québécois filmmaker behind critical successes I Killed My Mother and Heartbeats, has announced details of his fourth directorial effort, Twitch has reported.

Dolan will co-write and direct an adaptation of Michel Marc Bouchard’s famous play Tom À La Ferme. Apparently, he saw a version of the play in Montreal last year and instantly fell in love, to the point where he approached Bouchard about Continue reading “Xavier Dolan To Adapt Michel Marc Bouchard’s Tom À La Ferme”