Review: Grace Of Monaco (2014)

Grace Of Monaco

Le Vie En Rose director Olivier Dahan turns his attention to Grace Kelly with Grace of Monaco, an asinine melodrama that wouldn’t be out of place in a bargain bin. Six years after marrying Rainier III, Prince of Monaco (Tim Roth), Grace (Nicole Kidman) is forced to choose between Hollywood and her family when Monaco is catapulted into an international crisis that could end in disaster. Catastrophic from start to finish, Grace of Monaco easily lives up to its reputation. Continue reading “Review: Grace Of Monaco (2014)”

GFF 2013 Review: Arbitrage (2013)


Nicholas Jarecki directs Richard Gere in Arbitrage, a competent political thriller about how wealth and power often change people for the worse, regardless of who or what damage and pain this course of action inflicts on those close to them. It’s an intriguing, timely story, yet somehow lacks the necessary bite and emotional core to engage its audience and mask the many inconsistencies contained within Jarecki’s script. Continue reading “GFF 2013 Review: Arbitrage (2013)”