Review: Suicide Squad (2016)


DC Comics’ cinematic universe is dealt another blow by this messy and sometimes incoherent misstep in which a rag-tag team of supervillains come together to defeat an out of control sorceress (an arm-flailing Cara Delevingne). That’s about as much of the plot that makes any sense. The rest is an exhaustive series of action sequences, each as indistinct than the last, that never so much as raise an eyebrow, let alone excuse from the bland characterisations and strained attempts at humour. Continue reading “Review: Suicide Squad (2016)”

Review: Focus (2015)


Sleek and slick on the surface but shallow underneath, Focus muddles through on the back of its appealing co-stars and brisk pace. Nicky (Will Smith), a proficient con artist, succumbs to the charms of new recruit Jess (Margot Robbie). But when he breaks it off and leaves her heartbroken, Jess re-enters his life at the worst possible time. Continue reading “Review: Focus (2015)”