DVD Releases: February 28, 2011

Another Year

Director: Mike Leigh

Starring: Ruth Sheen, Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville

Easy A

Director: Will Gluck

Starring: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes and Penn Badgley

Paranormal Activity 2

Director: Tod Williams

Starring: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat and Molly Ephraim

Africa United

Director: Debs Gardner-Paterson

Starring: Eriya Ndayambaje, Roger Nsengiyumva and Sanyu Joanita Kintu

Leap Year

Director: Michael Rowe

Starring: Monica del Carmen, Gustavo Sánchez Parra and Armando Hernández


Director: Josh Reed

Starring: Krew Boylan, Ch’aska Cuba de Reed and Santiago Cuba de Reed

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