A Quick Message

You may have noticed that since The Woman In Black I haven’t written any new reviews for Centrefolds & Empty Screens. This isn’t because I’m bored of the website or have run out of ideas, but because I’m currently covering the Glasgow Film Festival for HeyUGuys.

The festival runs up until Sunday, February 26, so until then I won’t be posting as much on here, but instead focusing my efforts on ensuring the Glasgow Film Festival coverage is to the highest standard possible.

I will return thereafter to my usual (if you can call it that) posting pattern, with a few extra features and personal posts thrown in when the mood strikes.

Thank you all for continuing to check out Centrefolds & Empty Screens. I started this blog so I could have somewhere to retreat to and air my thoughts on the films I’d seen. To see so many of you following my exploits, reading what I have to say and leaving me such enthusiastic comments is a dream come true.

My aim in life is to be involved involved in the film industry. Whether this is as a film critic (I’m not in the zone to call myself one yet) or as someone involved in the behind-the-scenes area, I’m not sure. That said, I’m passionate, warm-hearted and determined to achieve my goal. I only hope this shines through and luck helps me out every now and then.

In the meantime, why not check out one of my older posts? Or, if you so wish, head over to HeyUGuys and have a look at my Glasgow Film Festival coverage. That would be splendid.

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