DVD Releases: February 20, 2012

Real Steel (Review

Director: Shawn Levy

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo

Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he’s found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father.

Available on: DVD & Blu-Ray


Director: Gavin O’Connor

Starring: Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy & Nick Nolte

The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he’s trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament – a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother.

Available on: DVD & Blu-Ray

Fright Night (Review

Director: Craig Gillespie

Starring: Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell & David Tennant

Inquisitive teenager Charley Brewster guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent, a self proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him take down Jerry.

Available on: DVD & Blu-Ray

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark 

Director: Troy Nixen

Starring: Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce & Bailee Madison

A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

Available on: DVD & Blu-Ray

Vanishing On 7th Street

Director: Brad Anderson

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton & John Leguizamo

The population of Detroit has almost completely disappeared, but a few remain. As daylight disappears they realize that the Dark is coming for them.

Available on: DVD


Director: Cindy Meehl

Starring: Buck Brannaman & Robert Redford

An examination of the life of acclaimed ‘horse whisperer’Buck Brannaman, who recovered from years of child abuse to become a well-known expert in the interactions between horses and people.

Available on: DVD

Demons Never Die

Director: Arjun Rose

Starring: Robert Sheehan, Ashley Walters & Tulisa Contostavlos

When a young girl takes her own life, Archie and the other Suicide Kids decide to follow her lead and form a pact. But as the group begin to die on by one, Archie realises that they have all become the target of a masked killer and that his commitment to death has become a terrifying fight for survival and a battle to protect the girl he loves. But who’s the killer?

Available on: DVD & Blu-Ray

Miss Bala 

Director: Gerardo Naranjo

Starring: Stephanie Sigman, Noe Hernandez & Irene Azuela

The story of a young woman clinging on to her dream to become a beauty contest queen in a Mexico dominated by organized crime.

Available on: DVD

X: Night Of Vengeance

Director: Jon Hewitt

Starring: Viva Bianca, Hanna Mangan Lawrence & Peter Docker

A jaded call-girl. A fledgling hooker. The night from hell.

Available on: DVD

Hot To Stop Being A Loser

Director: Dominic Burns

Starring: Richard E. Grant, Billy Murray & Keeley Hazell

James is useless with women, but his luck changes under the tutelage of pick-up artist, Ampersand. As James learns the art of seduction he begins to wonder about Ampersand’s intentions and questions what would truly make him happy in life.

Available on: DVD

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