Help Me Make Another Short Film

In school, I made a four minute short called Goodbye To Youth (embedded below). While it was far from a masterpiece (although I did receive an A for my efforts), it did allow me to put the knowledge I’d acquired from studying A Level Film Studies to the test.

Since then, I haven’t done any filming or editing work, which is a real shame as I enjoyed every minute of that experience and was as proud as punch when it was shown alongside my classmates at my school’s mini Academy Award event (though, unfortunately, I didn’t win any of the prizes). Instead, I’ve turned my hand to writing, to varying degrees of success.

I am, however, keen on making another short film and, once again, putting my burgeoning knowledge to the test. I have a few narrative ideas floating around my head, and I plan on spending a few weeks carving out a synopsis and then sketching some storyboards.

If anyone, in or around Scotland, fancies helping me out, or can point me in the direction of somewhere I could borrow filming equipment from, I’d very much appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Help Me Make Another Short Film”

  1. I’d love to get involved if you need any help! I have no equipment (just a small Flip camera!) but I do have some experience in directing, editing, writing and other filmy odd-jobs. Contact me on my email if you need a hand! Thanks.


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