Film4’s The Imposter Arrives Amidst A Cloak Of Mystery

Since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival late last month, it’s been hard to avoid chatter about Film4’s controversial, perceptive and terrifyingly honest new documentary The Imposter.

Saluted by critics as one of the bravest documentaries in years, The Imposter – from the producers behind The September Issue and Client 9: The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer – centers on a teenager who convinces a Texas family that he is their son who went missing three years ago.

From here, questions are raised, motives are put under scrutiny and the cracks begin to surface as it becomes apparent this person may not be who he so defiantly claims to be.

Directed by British TV producer Bart Layton, this unnerving documentary looks like a frightening insight into how easy it is for people nowadays to fake identities – an issue that’s becoming more and more relevant with the continued growth of the internet and social networking websites.

Picturehouse Entertainment and Revolver Entertainment purchased the U.K. distribution rights to The Imposter shortly after its premiere, so expect to see this hit our shores later in the year, possibly with a screening at the upcoming Edinburgh International Film Festival.

In the meantime, why not check out the newly released trailer and Sundance-approved poster:

Source: Reel Scoop

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