Emma Watson Will Burgle For Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring

Her days of playing Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter may be well and truly over, but that hasn’t stopped Emma Watson lining up projects in an attempt to prove herself outside of the money-making film series.

Last year, she had a small role in My Week With Marilyn, and this year will see her play opposite Logan Lerman in the film adaptation of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. In addition, she’s also secured future roles in David Yates’ Your Voice In My Head and Guillermo Del Toro’s Beauty & The Beast.

Today news reaches us that she’s been cast in Sofia Coppola’s latest film, the poorly titled The Bling Ring. Based on real life events, The Bling Ring will center on a group of teenagers who commit a series of celebrity burglaries.

Coppola will act as both writer and direct, with Watson playing one of the teenagers. Production is due to commence towards the end of the year for a 2013 release, so expect more casting news to trickle out in due course.

With both Somewhere and Marie Antoinette dividing critics and audiences alike, Lost In Translation remains Sofia Coppola’s most acclaimed film. Based on what we know so far, though, The Bling Ring could well be the follow-up we’ve been waiting for.

Until it’s release, though, we wait with baited breath.

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