DVD/Blu-Ray Of The Week #1: Tomboy

This week’s DVD/Blu-Ray of the week is Tomboy, writer and director Céline Sciamma’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed Water Lilies.

Unafraid in its depiction of a young child’s sexual confusion, Tomboy is an affecting, well envisioned and delicately captured examination of a 10-year-old girl’s need to disguise herself as a boy in order to make friends in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.

With subtle yet confident direction, a screenplay that has no limits and a truly outstanding lead performance by Zoé Héran as the gender confused child (one minute Laure, the next minute Michaël), Tomboy takes a serious look at a taboo subject not often covered in Hollywood films.

It’s a quiet film, but one with a hefty emotional core that makes it a must-see.

Head over here to read my full review of Tomboy, or here for my interview with Céline Sciamma.

4 thoughts on “DVD/Blu-Ray Of The Week #1: Tomboy”

  1. It’s still incorrect. The 10-year-old-girl doesn’t disguise “himself”, she disguises “herself”.

    And why have a comments section if you’re going to hide any comments that are in anyway critical? Or do you just use the people who post up your errors as cheap copyeditors?


  2. Seems that’s the attitude with most blogs. ‘Get it online! Drive traffic! Who cares if it’s well written or factually correct?’ I suppose it’s a good thing that this great, under-seen film is being championed though.


    1. That’s not the attitude with my site, I’m afraid. I usually spend hours making sure each post has no spelling errors, etc. This was a blip. It is a terrific film, though.


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