U.K. Trailer For The Raid Crashes Online

Momentum Pictures have done it. They’ve defied adversity and created a trailer for The Raid that not only makes this writer want to relive it as soon as possible, but manages to capture its spirited heart and soul in a brief, one and a half minute window.

Written and directed by Welsh-born filmmaker Gareth Evans (Merantau), The Raid hinges on a fairly straightforward conceit: a SWAT team enter a tenement block in an effort to bring down Tama (Ray Sahatapy), a ruthless kingpin.

It’s never as simple as that, though. Once the SWAT team are inside the complex all hell breaks loose and they must battle to save themselves from the onslaught of weaponry and skilled martial artists tasked to take them down.

With it’s base-heavy score, beautifully choreographed fight sequences and excellent central performance by Iko Uwais, substance is never a particular issue here. Evans keeps the craziness coming for The Raid’s entire hundred-odd minute running time, cementing it as a truly brilliant action film – one to be experienced at the earliest of conveniences.

The Raid hits U.K. cinemas on May 18, courtesy of Momentum Pictures, and you can read my review here.

Trailer [via: Digital Spy]:

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