Interview With The Raid Writer And Director Gareth Evans

In a little over two weeks (on May 18, to be precise), The Raid makes its way into cinema screens across the U.K.

Written and directed by Welsh-born filmmaker Gareth Evans, and starring leading Silat expert turned actor Iko Uwais, The Raid is a hard-hitting action film like no other, brimming with no-holds-barred coercion and unfaltering intensity.

The film centers on a SWAT team who, after being tasked with taking out Tama Continue reading “Interview With The Raid Writer And Director Gareth Evans”

U.K. Trailer For The Raid Crashes Online

Momentum Pictures have done it. They’ve defied adversity and created a trailer for The Raid that not only makes this writer want to relive it as soon as possible, but manages to capture its spirited heart and soul in a brief, one and a half minute window.

Written and directed by Welsh-born filmmaker Gareth Evans (Merantau), The Raid hinges on a fairly straightforward conceit: a SWAT team enter a tenement block in an effort to bring down Tama (Ray Sahatapy), a ruthless Continue reading “U.K. Trailer For The Raid Crashes Online”

Review: The Raid (2011)

Hollywood action films are increasingly becoming paint-by-numbers fare with uninteresting characters and unbelievable scenarios. The Raid, Welsh born writer and director Gareth Evans’ third feature film, hits hard due to its no-holds-barred coercion, unfaltering intensity and desire to do what most action films don’t: surprise its audience from the opening moments to the final fade to black.

Tasked with taking out Tama (Ray Sahetapy), landlord and kingpin to the scum of Jakarta, a SWAT team enter the building complex in which they believe he and Continue reading “Review: The Raid (2011)”