London Day #1 (1/2): Trains, Prospects, Apprehensions And A Numb Bum


Trains are interesting places. Not only do they present with a cocoon in which to trap yourself in for the duration of your journey, but they’re also full of oddball characters – from a rather attractive man wearing a striped jumper to a questionable short- skirt-wearing middle-aged woman who clearly needs to re-evaluate her wardrobe choice on a Saturday morning – all going about their everyday lives.

The reason I’m amongst them (and I don’t consider myself to be “normal” by any stretch of the word) is because I’m on my way down to London for the UK Media Showcase: an event organised by the FDA that allows film bloggers, journalists and media types to see the “best” new releases coming our way over the next few months – from Zero Dark Thirty to Django Unchained, and I Give It A Year to Bullet To The Head, it’s an eclectic mix.

The thought of spending the next few days hidden away in one of London’s central cinemas may not appeal to many, but to me it’s the perfect escape from everyday life, and a brilliant opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people, all the while soaking up the cities electrifying, yet slightly overwhelming and nightmarish atmosphere. (I’m not normally intimidated, but boy is the labyrinth transport system confusing).

London, too, with its beautiful attractions and wonderfully hidden hipser-esque cafés, bars and cinemas (the idea of drinks at the Curzon Soho tonight already has my inner socialite salivating) is a place that, despite the fact I’m a well-seasoned traveller and known for visiting different cities, seems like a world away – somewhere I can completely lose myself in (within budget, anyway) and escape the stresses and worries I’m not usually able to escape when sat around at home.

In that sense, the apprehensions, which currently include buying the correct Oyster card so I don’t find myself embarrassed in the middle of a busy tube station and discovering the delights of Old Street’s easyHotel (please let it be okay, please let it be okay…), are massively outweighed by the many exciting prospects this week holds: socialising, seeing some highly anticipated films and recharging my batteries.

Well, that’s the hope anyway. Until the time my train pulls up to King’s Cross station, I shall sit back, watch the many interesting passengers on this bum-numbing train and dream of that first post-train coffee. And, as to whether or not I manage to procure a copy of Heat magazine, well, I suppose you’ll have to keep reading and find out what happens…

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