2013 In Film: A Summary

Frances Ha

2013 has brought with it a lot of things, both good and bad. But in this particular post I’ll be focusing on the film-related highlights that I’ve experienced over the past twelve months, from a mini adventure in London that included my first ever podcast appearance to a wine-soaked preview screening of Gravity at the newly converted IMAX cinema in Glasgow. I’ve interviewed idols, attended film festivals, and even walked a red carpet. Continue reading “2013 In Film: A Summary”

Review: Zero Dark Thirty (2013)

Zero Dark Thirty

Three years after reigning supreme at the Academy Awards with The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow and regular collaborator Mark Boal return with Zero Dark Thirty. CIA analyst Maya (Jessica Chastain) has spent years chasing falsified intelligence relating to the possible whereabouts of terrorist Osama bin Laden. Undeterred, even in light of her colleagues’ ever-weakening investment, Maya makes a breakthrough when his possible hideout is revealed, leading to a Continue reading “Review: Zero Dark Thirty (2013)”

London Day #4: Krispy Kreme Breakfast, Zero Dark Thirty And Compliments

Krispy Kreme

After a night of maniacs and nearly freezing to death, I opted to miss the first two films (one of which I’d already seen) and have an extra couple of hours in bed. It was an altogether more relaxed morning and, once I was ready, I slowly made my way across to the tube station and caught the usual mix of the Northern Line and the Piccadilly Line over to Holborn Street, where I dived into Krispy Kreme and ordered a tea and three enormous donuts, each filled with different, yet equally Continue reading “London Day #4: Krispy Kreme Breakfast, Zero Dark Thirty And Compliments”

London Day #1 (1/2): Trains, Prospects, Apprehensions And A Numb Bum


Trains are interesting places. Not only do they present with a cocoon in which to trap yourself in for the duration of your journey, but they’re also full of oddball characters – from a rather attractive man wearing a striped jumper to a questionable short- skirt-wearing middle-aged woman who clearly needs to re-evaluate her wardrobe choice on a Saturday morning – all going about their everyday lives. Continue reading “London Day #1 (1/2): Trains, Prospects, Apprehensions And A Numb Bum”

85th Academy Awards: Nominations

Academy Awards

The nominations for the 85th annual Academy Awards were announced earlier today by host Seth MacFarlane and actress Emma Stone, both of whom brought some much-needed humour to the usually dull announcement. Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s historical biopic about former US president Abraham Lincoln’s endeavours to achieve passage of the constitutional amendment, was revealed as the frontrunner with a total of twelve nominations, with Silver Linings Playbook Continue reading “85th Academy Awards: Nominations”