Review: Tracks (2013)


Gorgeously shot, with a pronounced performance from Mia Wasikowska at its core, Tracks is a beautiful retelling of Robyn Davidson’s National Geographic article. In 1977, Davidson decided to abandon the real world and trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, a 1,700-mile expedition through the treacherous Australian desert. Tracks is worth a watch for its visuals alone. Inspired by the images taken by Rick Smollan (Adam Driver), a photographer who caught up with Davidson along the way, Mandy Walker’s cinematography is outstanding, capturing the outback at once dangerous, beautiful, desolate and liberating. Wasikowska’s turn as Davidson, too, is fascinating, and another reason why she’s as in demand as she is. The film is undermined, however, by Marion Nelson’s script. It barely scratches the surface as to the difficulties Davidson must have faced, attempts to shoehorn in unnecessary reasoning to her actions through irritating flashbacks and ends with a whimper. Still, the audience can’t help but be absorbed by the sheer conviction of Davidson’s attitude.

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