Review: Snowpiercer (2013)


Well known for pushing boundaries across his films, Bong Joon-ho makes a tremendous splash with his English-language debut Snowpiercer. Entrapped within a perpetually moving train thanks to a climate change deterrent-turned-icy, the lower class, led by Curtis (Chris Evans), start an uprising in a bid to overturn a dictatorial system that has left them impoverished. dystopian sci-fi thriller with a socio-political edge bubbling under its surface, Snowpiercer is a rare breed of blockbuster that’s by turns electrifying, evocative, quick-witted and smart. There’s shocks and eccentricities at every corner that are heightened by the films episodic structure, and the action sequences are as dazzling and stunningly executed as the last. Evans, who delivers an almost revelatory turn as Curtis, is matched by an all-star international cast, particularly Tilda Swinton as a crazed mediator, whose mere presence encapsulates the strange, yet eminently enthralling spirit the film possesses.

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