Review: It Follows (2014)


Hot on the heels of The Babadook, It Follows is another low-budget horror that scores big by tapping into the real, underlying fears of everyday life. Nineteen year old Jay (Maika Monroe) is preyed upon by a slow moving, constantly transforming supernatural entity after an innocent sexual encounter with pretty boy Hugh (Jake Weary) turns deadly. Announcing itself with a superb and frantic opening sequence, It Follows is a cut above the average horror film. Even if its narrative isn’t entirely original, the way in which Mitchell executes it is, with teens’ fears of sex, death and the horrors that come with the current generations unhealthy reliance on social media. Mitchell refuses to succumb to typical scare tactics, instead untangling the films core mystery steadily, enabling the audience to feel warmth towards Jay and unpick the pool of subtext contained within. As the haunted victim herself, Monroe is excellent, delivering a wholly natural performance. It Follows, with its pounding electro-score and swelling sense of dread, is a horror film to be thankful for.

4 thoughts on “Review: It Follows (2014)”

  1. Great review. 🙂 I just saw this one & thought it was very original, something desperately needed in the horror genre. Still not as good as The Babadook but that’ll be hard to top. : )


  2. Nice review.

    I actually preferred this to The Babadook, but it’s difficult to compare the two. Both laughable in places, both incredibly clever when they want to be.

    I loved the score though, very similar to the kind of vibe created in The Guest.


  3. I thought this was an unexpectedly good horror film. The score was superbly unsettling, with the electro sound giving it an almost Winding-Refn feel. The scares lingered rather than jumped which is always a big plus too!


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