Review: Still Alice (2014)


In what has already won her awards recognition, Julianne Moore stuns as a victim of early onset Alzheimer’s in Still Alice, a film which struggles to match its stars formidable strength. Alice (Moore) leads a privileged life. Married with three kids and a successful career that’s reliant on her intellect, Alice’s world slowly starts to break down as she’s diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s. Still Alice is constructed around its lead. It’s a tough undertaking, but one that Moore handles with ease and finesse. more than makes up for where the script falters. The performance more than makes up for where the script falters. Although the quieter portrait of Alice losing herself to the unstoppable disease is undeniably powerful, the script is almost too wishy-washy, skimming over days and months of hardship and watering down conflict, reducing the films overall emotional impact. But then, when Moore’s performance is this good (she’s ably supported other cast members Alec Baldwin as her husband and Kristen Stewart as one of her three children), it’s difficult to be too harsh. Even if the film has its rough edges, it’s worth watching for Moore alone.

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