Review: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)


After the first not only soared into the hearts and mind of many, but also became a certified box office success, Pitch Perfect 2 shrugs off sequel pressures to come out on top. The Barden Bellas have found success in the world of competitive a cappella, until a wardrobe malfunction sends them crashing out. Their only chance of redemption is to do the unthinkable and win at the World A Cappella Competition. Forging a similar path in terms of narrative, the film can be said to stick to what works. But then, when that’s a charming, winning and downright infectious combination of hilarity, sharp one-liners and electrifying musical numbers, it’s no bad thing. The cast – from returning members Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow to newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, who’s simply wonderful as legacy Emily – all charm in their own right, and Elizabeth Banks (who also produces and stars as bitchy commentator Gail Abernathy-McKadden) proves herself a dab hand behind the camera, placing the theme of female empowerment front and centre. Upbeat and slick, Pitch Perfect 2 entertains to a high standard.

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