Review: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)


After the first not only soared into the hearts and mind of many, but also became a certified box office success, Pitch Perfect 2 shrugs off sequel pressures to come out on top. The Barden Bellas have found success in the world of competitive a cappella, until a wardrobe malfunction sends them crashing out. Their only chance of redemption is to do the unthinkable and win at the World A Cappella Competition. Continue reading “Review: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)”

Win A Pair Of Tickets To See The Price Of Kings: Yasser Arafat

Update: This competition is now closed. The winners have now been notified. 

We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Spirit Level Film to award one lucky winner with a pair of tickets to the very first UK screening of The Price Of Kings: Yasser Arafat – the first film in a unique series of documentaries about some of the most influential, controversial and powerful leaders of our time.

For those unfamiliar with Yasser Arafat, he was a Palestinian leader and a Laureate of the Nobel Prize. Revered by many Arabs, yet feared by Israelis, Arafat had a turbulent life, culminated by his death in 2004 which, to this day, is Continue reading “Win A Pair Of Tickets To See The Price Of Kings: Yasser Arafat”