Review: Fathers & Daughters (2015)

Fathers and Daughters

Sentimentality oozes from every pore of Fathers & Daughters, Gabriele Muccino’s split timeline drama that has all the tell-tale signs of a soap opera. Award-winning novelist Jake Davis (Russell Crowe) is left to care for his daughter, Katie (Kylie Rogers), after his wife dies in a car accident, while years later Katie, now in her twenties and played by Amanda Seyfried, wrestles with her past. Bereft of even the smallest trace of nuance, Fathers & Daughters strives for emotional intelligence but settles for mawkish dawdling. Brad Desch’s script treads over familiar territory, hitting only the odd note of distinction along the way. But even in those occasions, such as Jake’s difficulty to cope and care for his daughter properly, the issues at hand are treated with minimal regard. The more the narrative unravels, the worse evaluations become. It’s clumsy and cowardly, shot in a lifeless, sudsy manner. Not even the actors are able to stop it from being anything more than bland schmaltz.

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