EIFF 2016 Review: Tommy’s Honour (2016)



The compelling performances delivered by Peter Mullan and Jack Lowden as Tom Morris and his son Tommy, respectively, are the main draw of this tender tribute of two golfing legends that helped shape the sport to what it is today. It’s directed by Jason Connery from a script by Pamela Marin and Kevin Cook that’s decidedly watery when it comes to dramatics. There’s little conflict beyond a series of disagreements that lead to terse exchanges as Tom and Tommy’s differing attitudes and opinions regarding the future of their shared pastime counter one another, resulting in a pace that’s rambling and somewhat repetitive. That’s why the performances are so key. Mullan is as committed as he always is, perfectly conveying the characteristics of a man ruled by pride and tradition. Lowden, in what’s a subtly powerful role, is every bit his match and should move onto bigger and better things as a result. Connery’s direction is simple, yet unremarkable besides the welcome use of locations and Scottish scenery that’s not often captured on film.

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