EIFF 2016 Review: The Carer (2016)


As a slightly modified fictional version of himself, Brian Cox does stellar work in what’s an amiable character study about an ageing actor with Parkinson’s disease who’s difficult to deal with. That is, however, until Dorotyya (newcomer Coco Konig), a Hungarian carer with acting ambitions of her own, finds a way into his heart. Dependent upon Cox’s loud and virtuoso performance, the film is at its best when he’s on screen as a man coming to terms with his mortality while reflecting on his successful career. Cox shares sufficient chemistry with Konig (her performance by itself is comfortably familiar and underwritten like the rest of the supporting cast), which makes their blossoming friendship believable. But the script is slight, lacking much in the way of dramatic force, save for a stirring speech that was reportedly written by Cox himself. The production values are, too, noticeably limited, resulting in a film that’s pleasant but unremarkable.

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