EIFF 2016 Review: Finding Dory (2016)


Finding Dory, a similar-but-worthy sequel to one of Pixar’s most beloved films, is as entertaining as it is soul-stirring, complete with a stellar voice cast and mesmeric oceanic visuals. One year on from helping reunite Marlin (Albert Brooks) with his son, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres in a role she has made her own) starts to experience moments of her childhood through fragmented flashbacks that send her on an adventure across the seas to California in the hopes of not only finding her parents, but herself too. The theme of self discovery is integral to Andrew Stanton’s follow-up as Dory determinedly battles her afflictions and doubters in her own quirky manner. It’s a powerful foundation for a script that manages to keep itself light and accessible to those of all ages. The humour is there in bucket loads, as are the visual flourishes that have become a staple of Pixar features. In addition to DeGeneres’ striking vocal work as the titular blue tang, Ed O’Neill makes the biggest impression of the new characters; his a curmudgeon septopus whose disposition warms as the narrative progresses. The overall impact may not be as lasting but Finding Dory is a worthy sequel that strikes a fine balance between humour and pathos.

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