EIFF 2016 Review: Kids In Love (2016)


In this vacuous British coming-of-age drama, privilege is celebrated through teens who live hedonistic lifestyles in large, city-centre houses without a care in the world, least of all for money, which seems to be on tap. Jack (Will Poulter) has his life mapped out for him – university, followed by an internship at a law firm. But when he falls for free spirit Evelyn (Alma Jodorowsky), he quickly loses all sense of himself and his future in search of love and freedom. The script is trivial at best, its characters – besides perhaps Poulter, who fosters at least a fraction of compassion for Jack – superficial, entitled floaters dealing with problems of no importance. Chris Foggin’s dreamy direction, all pastel tones and natural lighting, only highlights the films translucency. Its lack of drive and depth make it almost impossible to engage with on a real level. By the end, there’s a burning passion to reach into the screen, pick these characters up and shake some kind of life and purpose into them.

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