Review: The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)


This animation from the makers of Despicable Me has pep and visual humour to spare, even if the familiar plot isn’t quite up to scratch. Max (Louis C.K.), a faithful canine, is sidelined when his owner brings home an unkempt mutt (Eric Stonestreet). Their reckless attempts to one-up each other soon leave them lost on the streets of New York, hunted by viscious strays. The initial blast of flair that introduces the audience to the variety of animals – a food-obsessed tabby cat (Lake Bell), a smitten Pomeranian (a stand out Jenny Slate) and a murderous hawk (Albert Brooks), amongst others – makes for a brilliant opening that succumbs to predictability as the script settles into a familiar course, where overcoming obstacles and teamwork are the key themes. But the abundance of sharp visual nuances, laugh-out-loud humour (the dialogue offers up plenty of adults-only lines) and radiant animation ensures that there’s many eye-catching moments along the way, most of them related to the pets’ individual quirks and intentions.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)”

  1. I look forward to your reviews; this one confirms that this might be the fun, summer escape movie it looked to be in the trailers. Think I take my sister to see it; she needs a laugh this weekend.,


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