Review: In A World… (2013)

In A World...

Known to few for her supporting turns in such rom-coms as It’s Complicated and No Strings Attached, actress Lake Bell takes a leap into the forefront with In A World. This superbly written treasure of a film, which premiered to wows from critics and audiences alike at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, delves into the unseen world of trailer voiceover artists and not only proves Bell’s worth as an actress, but also marks her arrival as a proficient writer and director. Continue reading “Review: In A World… (2013)”

EIFF 2012 Review: Fred (2012)

Married couple Fred (Elliot Gould) and Susan (Judith Roberts) have lived in their country home for over fifty years. As varying illnesses start to take their toll (Susan, in particular, has become almost completely dependant on live-in nurse Veronica), their two children, Bob (Fred Melamed) and Carol (Stephanie Roth Haberie) are forced to step in and arrange for their transition to a full-time home. However, with Fred’s resilience to change and desire to hold on to what’s Continue reading “EIFF 2012 Review: Fred (2012)”