Review: The Jungle Book (2016)


Jon Favreau’s enthralling live-action spin on Rudyard Kipling’s beloved novel is the latest in the line of Disney reinterpretations after recent hits Maleficent and Cinderella. Priding itself on heart-pumping dramatics and masterful visuals that recreate all on display, excluding Neel Sethi’s man-cub Mowgli, it manages to honour the old (both Kipling’s source material and the animated classic) while celebrating the cutting-edge in equal measure. Continue reading “Review: The Jungle Book (2016)”

Review: Chef (2014)


Jon Favreau makes a triumphant return to his independent roots with Chef, an infectiously charming comedy about rediscovering oneself through life, love and food. After quitting a high-profile restaurant role, Carl Casper (Favreau, who also writes and directs) decides to start up a food truck in order to return to a simpler way of life, which also includes reconnecting with his son (Emjay Anthony). Continue reading “Review: Chef (2014)”