Review: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (2013)


The feature debut of brothers Zeke Hawkins and Simon Hawkins, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place is a confident, if recognisable, noir thriller. In the final days before leaving for college, Sue (Mackenzie Davis) and Bobby (Jeremy Allen White) all of a sudden find themselves caught up in murky waters when BJ (Logan Huffman), Sue’s boyfriend, steals from his boss’ safe. Continue reading “Review: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (2013)”

Review: That Awkward Moment (2014)

That Awkward Moment

A rom-com presented from the point of view of three callow, commitment-phobe serial daters, That Awkward Moment has oodles of potential, not least thanks to the combined talents of its up-and-coming cast. Yet the fact that the film is unable to mine any insight or meaning from its slapdash, cliché-ridden and relatively unfunny screenplay renders this an experiment that’s watchable, yet blatantly unremarkable. Continue reading “Review: That Awkward Moment (2014)”

EIFF 2013 Review: Breathe In (2013)

Breathe In

The 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival opened softly last night with relationship drama Breathe In. Reuniting blossoming British actress Felicity Jones with writer and director Drake Doremus, whose last feature Like Crazy deservedly scooped the Grand Jury Prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, Breathe In may feel and look like a more adult effort, yet is ultimately depreciated by clichéd character stereotypes and a lack of believability. Continue reading “EIFF 2013 Review: Breathe In (2013)”