Review: Maniac (2013)


Frank Khalfoun’s Maniac is a rare breed: a remake that’s arguably better than the original. That’s not to undermine William Lustig’s version which had to battle being swept under the carpet by the BBFC, rather that Khalfoun’s re-imagining – passed uncut, for the record – benefits somewhat from the timing in which it’s released, a bold shooting style that puts the audience into an uncomfortable position and a terrifying performance from Elijah Wood, who takes over from Joe Spinell as the lead. Continue reading “Review: Maniac (2013)”

London Day #3: Django Unchained, Obsessions And Podcast Hilarity

Rafe Spall

Day three in London kicked off in style, with a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s latest Django Unchained. While it wasn’t quite the incredible piece of filmmaking many critics – The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, included – had made it out to be, it certainly made for entertaining viewing at nine o’clock in the morning and made up for the torturous Underground experience that proceded it. Don’t travel during rush hour. It’s a nightmare. Continue reading “London Day #3: Django Unchained, Obsessions And Podcast Hilarity”